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Pan-Fried Whole Smelt with Warm Dill Sauce

2 lbs Great Lakes Food Whole Smelt, thawed | 907 g
1-1/2 cups dried bread crumbs | 375 mL
2 tsps salt | 10 mL
1/2 tsp pepper | 2 mL
1/2 cup cooking oil | 125 mL
4 eggs
lime wedges, dill for garnish

On waxed paper, combine bread crumbs, salt and pepper. In a pie plate, beat eggs with 1/4 cup water. Dip smelt in egg, one at a time, then bread crumbs. Repeat and dip again if you prefer a slightly heavier coating. Place smelt on a separate sheet of waxed paper.

Pre-heat a large skillet on medium-high. Heat cooking oil until hot. Carefully place smelt in pan. Cook a few at a time, about 3-4 minutes per side, until smelt flakes easily with a fork. Drain on paper towel. Arrange smelt on a platter with lime wedges and cherry tomatoes. Drizzle warm dill sauce over smelt. Garnish with dill. Makes 6 servings.

About 20 minutes before cooking smelt, mix ingredients together. Warm over medium heat stirring occasionally. Keep warm until serving.

Final nutritional values should be calculated with all ingredients used.

1 cup minced dill | 250 mL
1/2 cup olive oil | 125 mL
1/2 cup lime juice | 125 mL
1/3 cup chopped capers | 75 mL
2 hard-boiled eggs, minced
1 garlic clove, minced